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Curbside Notary Service for Baton Rouge

Sometimes it isn’t easy to get out of the car, but with important legal documents you don’t have a choice. Until now.

Perkins Road Notary is excited to offer curbside service for customers who have difficulty getting out of the car at no additional charge.

Similar to a drive-in, a notary comes to your car window with a clipboard to complete your transaction. Please have your documents ready along with your photo I.D.

How curbside notary works:

1) When you arrive, park in a designated visitor parking spot.

2) Call to let us know you are here and where you are parked.

3) We will be out shortly with everything we need to take care of your signature verification on the spot.

Thanks for choosing Perkins Road Notary, where we are always working to make it easy.


Curbside notary is subject to availability and weather conditions. 

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